Tropic - Rubber Watch Strap - Black


There are hundreds of rubber strap models and styles, but through the years, there’s only been one strap that is known by its brand name, the TROPIC® strap.

Once standard issue for the world’s most iconic dive watches throughout the sixties and seventies, the TROPIC® name is back to dive again, using a new and proprietary vulcanized rubber formula optimized to deliver unmatched wearer comfort and quality.

Like the original, the new Genuine TROPIC® strap shares the same design elements, adhering to the textured ‘tapestry’ surface that made the original a beloved, multi-generational icon. Its deeply embossed back, and tapered shape are designed to increase wearer comfort, while the strap’s ends are uniquely shaped to create a seamless transition between case, lugs and strap.

The new buckle has a significant bend in the lugs, this bend enables the buckle to sit firmly, and allows both strap end to lay parallel to each other when worn. This improved the overall comfort of wear and added a symmetry of the strap.

Total usable length: 185mm, overall length: 210mm

Width: 20mm at the lug and tapers to a 16mm buckle

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