Chasing Time - Alistair Gibbons


Looking for an excellent representation of vintage watches from a whole array of manufacturers? Chasing Time by Alistair Gibbons has you covered. As the founder of ATG Vintage Watches in 2002,  Alistair Gibbons is considered a leading authority on the topic. In this book he expertly goes through over 240 pages of watch brands, some defunct and some still in business, with detailed information on each brand and watch, accompanied by multiple images.

The information on each watch includes details as to why the watch (or brand) matters and what makes it interesting. Fun facts, historical relevance, technical descriptions and more.

Chasing Time contains everything, from early Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster models, (Tag) Heuer watches, Hamilton’s and of course; Rolex. Besides brands still in business, a selection of lesser known manufacturers of watches is included, providing an intriguing mix of styles.

Whether you are a fan of vintage chronographs, pilot’s watches, early diving instruments, sailing watches or just vintage watches in general, this book’s a must for each discerning collector. It is perfect material to study and enhance your knowledge on the subject.

Pages: 240

Weight: 1.196 g

Size: 21 x 24 x 2.6 cm

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