Chronobay - Watch Stand


Are you looking for a way to elevate your watch when not on the wrist? Or simply looking for a way to keep your precious watches free from scratches when not wearing it?

The new Chronobay watch stand is the perfect solution. For those who often wear watches on bracelets know the issue of putting your watch down on a nightstand. You either rest it on the side of the case and buckle or put it down on the bracelet. Both potentially scratching your watch in the process. Watch stands are a relatively new accessory, in the realm of watches, and Chronobay aims to be best in class. While not the first, nor the only watch stand on the market, the Chronobay watch stand is one of the very best.

The base is made from high-quality Italian Carrara marble. The curved arm is mould-casted in 316L steel, which is hand-polished to a mirror-like finish. The handstitched calfskin leather pad/pillow is soft to the touch and of course for your precious watch. What won us over is the sheer quality of the Chronobay watch stand. It feels solid, and uses top grade materials only.

The Chronobay watch stand measures 120mm x 90mm by 20mm at the base. From top to bottom the stand is 140mm in height. The leather pillow is 40mm by 60mm and can hold watches between 31 and 55mm wide, regardless of the strap of bracelet they come on. Total weight is 800 grams. Each one is assembled and finished by hand in Sweden.

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