Time for a change – Martijn van der Ven


After years of collecting, researching, interviewing, writing, and phtographing, Martijn van der Ven can now be considered a true expert on the Enicar brand. Martijn’s passion for the brand and everything considering Enicar has culminated into an expertly crafted book; Time for a Change – Discovering vintage Enicar.

This book covers the rise and fall of this Swiss watch and clock manufacturer, from its foundation in 1913 by Ariste Racine, to its demise and bankruptcy following the Quartz crisis in 1987. The brand’s rich history is detailed by talks to Ariste R. Racine, grandson of Enicar’s founder and Nathalie Marielloni, deputy conservator for the Musée International d’Horlogerie (MIH). There are stories about military personnel, racing drivers, air crews, divers and much more to discover.

Accompanied by all sorts of imagery from pocket watches, wristwatches, lifestyle shots, advertising campaigns, sponsorship programs, the book covers 280 pages of Enicar. It makes for a fascinating read, one to sure captivate the imagination of all watch enthusiasts.

Pages: 280

Weight: 1.500 g

Size: 25 x 25 x 5 cm

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