Monochrome - Grained Calfskin Watch Strap - Brown (White Stitch)


Just like our smooth leather straps, our MONOCHROME grained calfskin leather straps are made by hand in the EU. Leather from one of the best French tanneries is selected and carefully made into a perfect companion for your precious watch.

It is all about details in a well-made strap; supple leather, fine stitching, well-proportioned keepers, a slight taper and smooth edges and tip. You will not be disappointed with a strap like this, we’re sure of it. A grained calfskin leather strap offers a slightly sportier look and pairs just as easily with an elegant dress watch as it does with a vintage timepiece.

All the MONOCHROME straps are finished with our trademark light blue leather lining, and this is no exception. A playful touch, for your eyes only. Our latest batch of MONOCHROME watch straps is provided with quick release spring bars for your convenience.

These grained calfskin straps come in four standard sizes; 18/16mm, 19/16mm, 20/16mm and 21/16mm with a medium length of 115/75mm. The overall thickness is 2.2mm. 

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