Monochrome - Ostrich Watch Strap - Cognac



Our Ostrich leather straps are handmade by real craftsmen in Italy.
Ostrich leather is a leather that needs no introduction. It is a highly desirable leather for watch straps, especially for vintage but also new watches. It gives your watch a very classy look, is very supple and just looks beautiful.

Our Ostrich leather straps are available in standard/medium length and in a choice of width sizes. 

LENGTH: medium length means 115mm for the long end, and 75mm for the shorter end with double loops that is attached to the buckle.

WIDTH: 18/16, 19/16 or 20/16 – the first number is the size between the lugs in millimeters, the second number is the size in millimeter at the buckle.

THICKNESS: 4mm (padded) near the lugs. 2.5 mm near the tip. 

For different sizes, please 'custom size'. Enter the desired length and width in the 'Order Notes' at checkout. This will come with a +€ 25,-charge and a delivery time of +4 weeks. Note that custom sized straps cannot be returned and refunded.

For your convenience, our new stock of Ostrich straps come with quick-release spring bars (not shown in the pictures).

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