Monochrome - Canvas Watch Roll -Black


For a more rugged, adventurous look we designed the MONOCHROME canvas watch-rolls. Made from sturdy 12 oz waxed canvas these will keep your watches safe when travelling. It is a perfect companion to store in your luggage, flying under the radar what it is your carrying.

The canvas watch-rolls are all fully lined with microfiber suede. This is the perfect material to keep your watches scratch-free and clean on the go. The leather strap makes sure you can adjust the size of the watch-roll in accordance of how many watches you take with you.

Our MONOCHROME Canvas Watch-rolls hold up to 5 watches with larger watches up to 47mm in diameter not being an issue. The microfiber lining also prevents getting scratches on delicate vintage watches, with hesalite or plexiglass crystals.

The MONOCHROME canvas watch-rolls are available in black, grey, green and brown, each with its own distinct lining and style.

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