Revolution in Time - David S Landes


Did you ever wonder how the concept of “time” was shaped? Revolution In Time details the cultural implications of the creation of time, and the manufacturing of clocks and watches. It is, in essence, a bit of a bible on the topic, canvassing the many aspects of the passage of time, what it has meant throughout history, and also the evolution of clocks and watches.

David S. Landes was a professor emeritus at Harvard University and professor at George Washington University. He’s received praise as an author of various books and ‘Revolution In Time’, to this day, is still considered as important as when it was first published. This is the revised and expanded version, including his findings and comments on more recent studies and research. 

Spread across 544 pages, David S. Landes’s Revolution In Time is an excellent representation on the topic for those with even the slightest interest. A book well suited for any watch enthusiast.


Pages: 544

Weight: 868 g

Size: 15,5 x 21,5 x 3 cm

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