Monochrome - Alligator Watch Strap - Brown



In our quest for the best watch straps we could possibly find, we came across a small leather atelier in northern Italy, near Turin. The handmade straps made here use the finest, most supple alligator leather we ever experienced and we’re convinced there’s nothing better out there.

Available in black, dark blue, dark brown and honey brown, there’s always one that will be perfect for your watch. With straps like these it are the details that matter; slightly padded and tapered, a squared-off tip, fine stitching and soft to the touch. And of course these straps are finished with our trademark light
blue leather lining. A playful touch, for your eyes only.

Our MONOCHROME alligator leather straps are a perfect companion for your modern-day timepiece, yet look equally as good on a vintage watch. The semi-matte finish gives the straps a fine sheen while remaining subtle and elegant.

The straps come in a standard length of 115mm x 75mm, a thickness of 4mm (padded) near the lugs. and 2.5 mm near the tip, and a range of widths.

For different sizes, please select 'custom size'. Enter the desired length and width in the 'Order Notes' at checkout. This will come with a +€ 25,- charge and a delivery time of +4 weeks. Note that custom sized straps cannot be returned and refunded.

NOTE: The alligator watch straps do not come with a buckle.

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