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Our MONOCHROME smooth calfskin leather straps are made by hand in a small leather atelier in Northern Italy. The smoothest possible leather is selected and carefully made into a perfect companion for your precious watch. It is all about details in a well-made strap; supple leather, fine stitching, well-proportioned keepers, a slight taper and smooth edges and tip. You will not be disappointed with a strap like this, we’re sure of it.

A smooth calfskin leather strap offers a timeless look and pairs just as easily with an elegant dress watch as it does with a vintage timepiece.

All the MONOCHROME straps are finished with our trademark light blue leather lining, and this is no exception. A playful touch, for your eyes only.

Calfskin straps come in three standard sizes; 18/16mm, 19/16mm, 20/16mm with a medium length of 115/75mm. The overall thickness is 2.5mm.

For different sizes, please 'custom size'. Enter the desired length and width in the 'Order Notes' at checkout. This will come with a +€ 25,-charge and a delivery time of +4 weeks. Note that custom sized straps cannot be returned and refunded.

NOTE: The smooth calfskin watch straps do not come with a buckle.

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