Monochrome - Vintage Waxed Calfskin Watch Strap - Brown


We value quality and the products in our shop reflect this! When we were looking to expand on our collection of refined, high-quality straps our regular strap atelier surprised us with this new type of strap: Vintage Waxed Calfskin.

The Vintage Waxed Calfskin straps are made by hand in the same atelier in northern Italy that makes some of our calfskin leather straps. Each one is made to our exact specification and comes with our signature light blue lining for a playful touch. As with all our straps, the devil is in the detail. Slightly padded, a subtle taper, blackened edges, contrasting stitching and quick-release spring-bars. Vintage Waxed calfskin has a slightly worn, or distressed look to it, with each one having a unique pattern in the top surface of the leather. This perfectly suits vintage watches, but at the same time more contemporary ones for a more casual, laidback look. Due to the subtle padding it’s also a perfect match for larger watches.

We have four different colours available; Black, Brown, Rust and Tan.

The Vintage Waxed Calfskin collection comes in a standard length of 115mm x 75mm. Each one is available in 20mm x 18mm, 21mm x 18mm or 22mm x 20mm.

NOTE: The Vintage Waxed Calfskin straps do not come with a buckle.

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